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Essay on copyright protection

essay on copyright protection

according to your need and requirement: Essay on Environment Protection Essay 1 (200 Words). Environment Conservation, so here are some of the how to find research papers online things which we can do to conserve our environment: If you are painting your house, use latex paint, as oil-based paints release hydrocarbon fumes. Humanity is constantly polluting the irreplaceable resources like air, water and soil, which takes millions of years to replenish. If you have mercury thermometer, replace it with the digital one. Global Warming : The major cause for this is the increased level of CO2, and that is because of the increased rate of burning of fossil fuels. It can cause many diseases as well as death. This was enacted by the government after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Everything that is needed by an organism to survive is provided by the environment. Ayurveda, a practice of medicine since ancient India which is completely dependent on natural herbs, is facing crises due to depletion of various species of plants.

Deforestation : Deforestation is required for creating land space for making roads and homes for humans. Things that are doing harm to the environment such as working in industries or factories, commuting via fuel-driven vehicles, using air conditioners, etc have become an essential part of our lives. The primary objective of copyright is to allow original creators to gain monetary rewards for their efforts and to further motivate them to create and inspire the development of innovative material to benefit us all. 5 gallons of water goes to drain every minute the water runs from faucet.

This will also help in reducing your bill to a much greater extent. Introduction, environment is degrading which means the chances for survival of living organisms on earth is decreasing. Its time to acknowledge and understand the importance of protecting our environment and work in that direction. Granting the original creator exclusivity (17 USC Section 106, 2006) or a monopoly by prohibiting the unauthorized copying and sales of copyrighted works is a necessary evil (Nadel.S., 2004) for attracting the financial investments. Essay on Environment Protection and Conservation Essay 2 (300 Words). We have gone too far and it is already too late. If the acid rain or CO2enters the water bodies in excess quantity, then it will affect the marine life also which will eventually affect the whole ecosystem. Mercury is a major pollutant and is non-degradable which moves up to the food chain and causes serious health issues. This also increases the fossil fuel consumption and the harmful impacts of it on the environment.

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