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However, permission should be requested for use of the whole article or chapter except if reusing it in a thesis. The fair use section of copyright..
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Essay on fast food a threat to &#39

essay on fast food a threat to &#39

fast as well as inexpensive alternative to making food at home. Whereas this means additional calories and weight gain, also it may become a risk factor for coronary illness. A common fast food is very high in calories and fat. Studies have shown that trans fats can result to inflammation within the hypothalamus, which is a brain part which contains neurons that control body weight. Everything that goes into our stomachs should be treated with the utmost care because it is the fuel that drives us to become healthy and have enough energy.

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Store location was critical as it involved large investments and high fixed costs. Service also had to always be up to standard. Fats are classified into two types: saturated fats and unsaturated fats. Instead of French fries, baked potatoes are just as tasty and are healthier. So, fast food can be healthy when you eat it rarely. One child struggling with obesity stated that she started gaining weight when her family started buying cheaper foods (Doane). She observed that she became obese when they started to budget their food and to get cheaper food instead, namely, food from fast food restaurants. The recommended calorie intake per day for us is 2000 calories. It will be the first place well think about when we get hungry. Furthermore, overweight, in the most cases, leads to problems such as diabetes and heart diseases. 233,619 people died because of diabetes in 2005 (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). Factors like the process of cutting meat, treatment of cattle, and the use of chemicals to trick our minds to eat fast food.

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