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What are the prisoners employment prospects? The probationer would answer or at least be home. Just realising that the way the prisoner behaves or the way the..
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Small essay on maharashtra state

small essay on maharashtra state

his own palace in the 19th century and today its a very famous tourist attraction for people who re interested in knowing more about our historical kings and queens. Education Maharashtras literacy rate is one of the highest of all the Indian states, with more than four-fifths of the population able to read and write. Many people also eat chicken and mutton. Unan (traditional Muslim) and homeopathic systems of medicine are also popular. Many books are published every year in Marathi. The forests yield teak, bamboo, myrobalan (for dyeing and other woods. Of those belonging to the early phase, Land, relief, drainage, and soils, maharashtra presents a complex range of physical diversity. Baba Saheb Ambedkar was also from this state. The kanheri caves are other ancient caves containing Buddhist paintings and they also belong to the 19th century. Executive authority in the state is exercised by the cabinet, headed by the chief minister, who is chosen from the members of the ruling party in the Vidhan Sabha.

The Mumbai-Worli sea link is a marvel in itself and is one of the best constructions in our country till date. Contemporary vocalists include Bhimsen Joshi and Lata Mangeshkar. Saline soils in the river valleys are the results of impeded soil drainage followed by intense evaporation. Nagpur, Pune, and Solapur are other major cities. There are also many local languages, including Konkani on the west coast and Gondi, Varhadi, and Mundari in the eastern and northern forests. As a result, Maharashtra has become one of the most developed and prosperous Indian states. The states abundant marine life in the waters off the western coast remains largely unexploited. Food and shopping is something that one cant miss when at Mumbai.

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The list is endless and one can imagine the famous celebrities and personalities coming from this state. Sainik schools (competitive secondary schools that prepare students to serve in the National Defence Academy) and the voluntary National Cadet Corps provide military training. It is notable as Maharashtra's oldest and largest national park. The, western, ghats (a mountain range at the western edge of the Deccan plateau; ghat means pass in Marathi) run almost continuously for 400 miles (640 km) north-south, with the foothills reaching to within 4 miles (6.4 km) of the Arabian Sea. Most people in Maharashtra are, hindus and you can see it in the culture of Maharashtra. Rice grows where rainfall exceeds 40 inches (1,000 mm and wheat is a winter crop in fields that retain moisture. The eastern area around Nagpur, Chandrapur, and Bhandara supports major coal-based industries, along with plants that process ferroalloys, manganese and iron ores, and cement. Technical education is provided by engineering colleges and polytechnic and industrial institutes.